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The Difference

Pure Taekwondo stands apart from other schools in a league of its own, embodying a level of excellence that is second to none. Our distinctiveness is rooted in the commitment to delivering top-quality instruction, a tradition that is further elevated by the extraordinary expertise of our instructors.

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What Stands Pure TKD Apart From Other Schools

At Pure Taekwondo, we are privileged to be under the guidance of not just one master, but one Grandmaster and four Senior Masters, each bringing their extensive knowledge and experience to the mat. With a combined total of 200 years of dedicated practice and teaching, their profound mastery of Taekwondo is unparalleled. This depth of experience not only enriches the learning environment but also ensures that students are exposed to a wide array of insights and techniques, contributing to a comprehensive and well-rounded education in Taekwondo.

One of the hallmarks that sets us apart is our impressive list of accolades. Pure Taekwondo has consistently excelled on both the national and international stages, with numerous victories in prestigious tournaments. Most notably, we have triumphed at renowned events such as the US Open, Nationals, and the Korean Hangmadang. These championships represent the pinnacle of Taekwondo competition and reflect the high caliber of training that our students receive.

What truly distinguishes us is our connection to legendary Taekwondo masters. We have been fortunate to learn from luminaries in the world of Taekwondo, including GM Kim, the former Director of Stanford Taekwondo, GM Sang Lee, former Olympic Team Coach, and the former President of US Taekwondo, who also served as the Curator of the US Open. The insights and wisdom gained from these esteemed individuals have greatly enriched our approach to Taekwondo, ensuring that our students are exposed to the highest standards of instruction.

In summary, Pure Taekwondo stands out through its unwavering commitment to providing high-quality instruction, its exceptional team of experienced instructors, its impressive track record of championship victories, and its invaluable connections to Taekwondo legends. When you train with us, you are not just learning Taekwondo; you are immersing yourself in a legacy of excellence that is second to none.

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