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Pure TKD carries out our name through everything we do. We act with integrity as a business and in training to ensure transparency and top-quality Taekwondo classes. Grandmaster Carlo descends from the iconic Kim’s Taekwondo Academy (KTA). Led by Grandmaster Kim, who is considered the founding father of Taekwondo in all of California and the entire west coast region. The only student to ever start his journey as a white belt and end it with Grandmaster Kim, the skills Grandmaster Carlo possesses are purely from a legendary champion. Pure TKD instructors are masters at their craft – Kukkiwon certified black belts who trained under Grandmaster Carlo and succeeded in the leadership program. Learn more about us below!

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Master Instructors

Every student at Pure TKD begins their journey by establishing robust fundamentals following our carefully curated curriculum, rooted in the teachings of Certified Kukkiwon International Masters recognized by the Korean Government. We are dedicated to supporting and guiding our students toward success. As they progress in their martial arts journey, they have the opportunity to cultivate their unique techniques. Get acquainted with our team below!

7th Dan Black Belt

Grandmaster Carlo

Accolades at a Glance:

🥋 7th Dan Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt

🥋 3rd Dan Hapkido & Judo

Embark on a martial arts journey guided by Grandmaster Carlo, a Taekwondo expert mentored by 9th Degree Black Belt Grandmaster Kim in 1980. His journey includes training under Olympic gold medalist Kuk Hyun Chung from 1997 to 1999, amplifying his skills to extraordinary levels.

As an undefeated West Coast Regional Grand Champion for four consecutive years, he clinched gold medals at prestigious events like the President’s Cup in 2009 and the U.S. Open in 2012 and 2024.

With over 15 years leading the Stanford Taekwondo Program and pioneering a program at Google’s Mt. View Campus in 2016, Grandmaster Carlo’s legacy embodies excellence and innovation in martial arts education.

His coaching prowess led over 12 individuals to become Jr. National and Senior National Champions, emphasizing technical skill and unwavering determination.

Join Grandmaster Carlo, backed by Kukkiwon, for a journey fueled by excellence, integrity, and the pursuit of perfection.

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7th Dan Black Belt

Master Jeff

Master Jeff embarked on his journey in taekwondo during his early teenage years, commencing at the age of 14. His path to martial arts was initiated by an incident where he was expelled from school due to a fight. Recognizing the need for a transformation, his father saw joining a martial arts discipline as a way for him to cultivate respect for others. This insight proved to be profound, as Master Jeff swiftly developed a profound affection for taekwondo. His upbringing in a quaint Upstate NY town provided the backdrop for his initial exposure to the art, under the tutelage of Grandmaster Sang Lee, a prominent figure within the taekwondo community. Notably, Grandmaster Sang Lee went on to serve as the US Olympic Head Coach in the year 1988.

Following his college years, Master Jeff resumed his taekwondo journey at Kim’s KTA. It was here that he commenced training under the guidance of Grandmaster Carlo, a partnership that has endured over time, evolving into a lasting friendship. Demonstrating his dedication and expertise, Master Jeff underwent his 7th Dan test under the watchful eye of Grandmaster Sang Lee himself. This impressive accomplishment solidified his place in the taekwondo community. Master Jeff, currently a valued executive board member at Grandmaster Sang Lee’s renowned institution, the US Taekwondo Center (USTC).

A new chapter in Master Jeff’s journey has unfolded as he aligns with Pure Taekwondo. This organization serves as the latest platform for him to continue his lifelong pursuit of taekwondo excellence.

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6th Dan Black Belt

Master Paul Singh, Ph.D

Ratinder Paul Singh Ahuja, Ph.D., stands at the forefront as the named CTO of Pure Storage (no relation to Pure TKD), embracing its mission with an unwavering commitment. His journey encompasses a flourishing career as a serial entrepreneur and corporate luminary, characterized by a distinct fusion of business prowess, an extensive industry network, and profound technical expertise.

Boasting an illustrious background, Dr. Ahuja has been the visionary force behind three successful startups: Internet Junction, Webstacks, and Reconnex. Notably, these ventures were later acquired by industry giants Cisco Systems, Extreme Networks, and McAfee, respectively. Following these acquisitions, Dr. Ahuja assumed pivotal roles as Chief Technology Officer and Vice President within the Mobile and Network Security Business Units. His wealth of knowledge concerning innovation and burgeoning trends in networking, network security, and data loss prevention is a testament to his years of immersion in the industry.

Dr. Ahuja’s academic foundation includes a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Electrical Engineering from Thapar University in India. He further honed his expertise with a Masters and Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University. Distinguished by his inventive spirit, Dr. Ahuja holds an impressive 50 patents for security-focused technologies, reflecting his deep understanding of the field. His insights have been showcased in prominent public forums, including the Content Protection Summit, IC3, IEEE Computer Society, McAfee FOCUS, and the Cloud Expo.

While his technological fervor and knack for fostering innovative enterprises are well-recognized, Dr. Ahuja possesses a multifaceted personality. He revels in his passion for automobiles, earning him the label of a car enthusiast. Moreover, he stands as a TaeKwonDo Master with an impressive 6th Degree Black Belt. Dr. Ahuja’s pursuits extend to holistic wellness practices, such as QiGong and weight training. Aspiring martial arts enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike are drawn to the captivating journey of Dr. Ahuja, where innovation and personal growth converge.

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6th Dan Black Belt

Master Adam

Master Adam started his Taekwondo training with Grandmaster Kim at age 5. Throughout the year he earned his 3rd degree black belt by the age of 13, being the youngest 3rd degree black belt in our founding school’s history.

His Taekwondo training led him to become a top tier fighter. Before the age of 13 he had won Junior Nationals at least 4 times in a row. Master Adam was a regular and well known competitor in the tournament circuit before going to college. While attending UC Irvine, he founded UC Irvine Taekwondo Program which has become a very renowned and prestigious college program. During his time at UC Irvine, Master Adam went back on to the tournament scene to win several Collegiate National Championships.

Grandmaster Carlo trained Master Adam to compete at the US Nationals, who fought the world renowned and late Jimmy Kim’s student in the finals, earning an additional Gold Medal to his collection back in 2009.

Renowned for his fighting prowess, Master Adam now dedicates his life’s experience to the next generation of students. He still constantly trains, with the potential of returning back into the ring.

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