Ages 5-8

Children's Taekwondo

The earlier your child is introduced to the martial arts, the better! That’s why our Children’s Taekwondo program is so important to us here at Pure TKD. This class will focus on introducing the basics of Taekwondo, teaching kindness and patience, and having loads of fun!

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Pure TKD Children's Taekwondo Program Overview

Children’s Taekwondo: A Firm Foundation

If your child wants to become an Olympic Taekwondo champion, the first step is mastering the basics.

Lesson #1? Having fun. At Pure TKD, we believe that the secret to success in Taekwondo is developing a love for the sport before anything else. When students have a genuine passion for Taekwondo, they practice and perform with a level of vigor, enthusiasm, and confidence that can’t be taught. When it comes to our children students, fostering that passion is our top priority. We teach students basic Taekwondo stances and techniques in a way that is fun and exciting. By incorporating lots of games and group activities, students don’t even realize how much they’re learning while they’re playing and getting their energy out.

Vital Values

Our Taekwondo training is every parent’s dream. We believe that instilling lifelong values and morals from a young age is just as important as teaching students the perfect roundhouse kick. We teach our child martial artists how to practice respect towards adults, demonstrate discipline in school, and at home, be patient and kind with friends and classmates, eat healthy and take care of their bodies, and stay safe. By enrolling your child in the Pure Taekowndo program, you are setting them up for success in their future friendships, academic experiences, and life choices.

Caring Community

One of the most important parts of childhood is establishing meaningful friendships. We create an environment where students get to train together, encourage each other, and develop friendships that go far beyond our program.

At Pure TKD, we care deeply about each and every one of our students. When you enroll your young students in one of our classes, you are providing them with a safe space where fitness is fun, mistakes are welcomed, and growth is viewed as an ongoing process. Join us today and watch your child blossom!

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